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Vox calling US proxy terrorism for what it is.

The intolerance, aggressive attacks on freedom of speech and now physical violence of the so called social justice warriors bears more similarities to McCarthyism, Soviet style repression and ISIS insurgency than anything resembling left liberal ideology. This panel questions the motivations of social justice warriors and discusses the damage that such tactics inflict on the left liberal ideology. And finally this panel asks the question: Can it be that perhaps social justice warriors are unwitting dupes of a calculated, covert, cynical strategy of the ultra right wing think tanks and intelligence organizations for the purpose of dis-empowering and ultimately destroying the left?

Dr. Michael Rectenwald ............Professor Liberal Studies, New York University.

Vox.......................................Investigative Journalist, Publisher: Voxnews.com

Helen Buyniski........................Investigative Journalist

As ISIS gets wiped out in Syria, Al Qaeda moves in.
Both are puppets of Western Intelligence.
Vox on RT News Explaining the Truth about ISIS.

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