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OK so it's all been verified. Every single move you make is recorded, tracked, traced and archived in a massive database organized by your name, social security number, birthday. Soon able to be accessed by any local police officer or government agency. And hardly a whisper out of any of you about this?

What will it take, must they break down your doors and stick a hot poker up your asses? Will you have a bit of a protest then?

Or must they kill your whole family, would that get a reaction from you?

Oh it would?!? Really?

OK so what about the hot poker up the ass?

Oh, you'd protest that too? are you sure? really?

OK so you would protest the hot poker up the ass, very good, we're getting somewhere. Now lets backtrack a little. What if they broke down your door and came right in and installed cameras in every room and informed you that you were not to meddle with these cameras under threat of imprisonment? Would that rankle you a little bit? It would? are you sure? OK lets move on then.

What if they came in and installed cameras in every room in your house while you were out. And when you returned there were all these cameras and a note on the door from a neighbor that there was a bunch of guys in black suits with wires in their ears seen entering your house earlier. Would you be a bit curious about what was going on? I mean would you at least think it was newsworthy enough to tell your friends on facebook? "Wow what a weird day, just got back from inking the color in the comedy tragedy masks that i'm adding to the circus scene on my foreskin, and there's all these camera's in my house, what gives?"

OK so i'll just assume that you would indeed raise an eyebrow at presence of cameras that were previously not present.

Lets move on.

They entered your house surreptitiously, and installed covert hidden bugging devices on all your computers, internet connections and telephones? All without your knowledge nor that of your neighbor. And when you returned you were unaware that anything had occurred. But months (or years) later you overhear rumors that the government had all along been recording your life with all these bugs and wiretaps and that they had it all stored in a massive database in a mega storage facility carved into the depths at the foot of a mountain in utah? Would this concern you? It would? Are you sure?

Welcome to your world

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