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The Sexualization of Political Aggression and Imperialism

The Sexualization of Imperialism The Sexualization of Imperialism

All US imperialist insurgencies abroad include in their media strategy the now ubiquitous "unconfirmed rape story," designed to solidify support for the effort at home and to demonize the target of the aggression. It is part of what voxnews calls, "Soft Insurgency." (the psychological aspects of asserting imperial hegemony as opposed to the brute employment of military might.)


The ever present "unconfirmed report" disclaimer now accompanies most broadcasts from the networks. It seems that the credibility of the mainstream networks is so shaky that not even they stand by the rubbish they're pushing. So to "prove" their most ridiculous assertions, they rely on the tried and true "uncomfirmed unverified report." - vox

 In the first and second Iraq wars it was disclosed that the CIA had intended on planting a story that Saddam Hussein had engaged in homosexual sex with young boys but that the plan was abandoned when it was determined that this would not be sufficient enough to offend Iraqi people. They also planned such stories to undermine Osama Bin Laden also involving a false accusation that Bin Ladin enjoyed homosexual sex with young boys, again this was gauged to not be an effective strategy and so it was never implemented. In Iraq, Saddam's sons gave the media more than enough ammunition with accounts (false or not) of their brutal sexual exploits of the innocent women of Iraq.

The use of sexuality has always been a component of spycraft evoking images of an alluring female spy luring an unsuspecting diplomat to spill the secret. Now it's just straight up false media stories of rape to discredit the opponent and manipulate home populations to support the aggression. Accusations of rape or sexual misconduct is an important part of the various media weapons wielded by the West when staging imperial aggression. The patterns reveal that the use of fictionalized accounts of rape is now a systematic integral part of the strategic military/political/media planning that US intelligence agencies utilize in their struggle to consolidate the worlds resources into the hands of the oligarchs they serve.

 The politicization of rape and the sexualization of politics are tools of political control utilized by the oligarchy's intelligence agencies to control the minds of populations who are easily manipulated by such scientific applications of fear, and sexuality. But when one closely scrutinizes these rape stories that accompany these imperialist pushes - one can see the motivations and players lurking in the shadows and stoking these lurid accounts. See which side benefits most from the so called revelation and more likely than not it was that side that orchestrated the "just in time - sexual distraction."

Franklin Roosevelt said, "Nothing in politics just happens. If it happens it was designed to happen that way." We know that most events of a political nature that are covered in the major media are orchestrated, staged and controlled. This Voxnews analysis looks beyond the images and stories being transmitted and translates it into it's essential nature. And what we see is that most stories they portray are typically diametrically opposite to the truth of the situation.  "Nothing in politics just happens.
If it happens it was designed to happen that way."
                    -Franklin Roosevelt


In the Egypt "revolution" we saw the Lara Logan gang rape story, where it appears that a group of men mounted an assault on CBS newswoman Lara Logan.

In the rough and tumble world of "public opinion shaping" an assault of a popular female American television reporter might provide a good opportunity to rile up the population and bolster the war effort. In this world today, considering the histories of the players involved, it is as reasonable to assume that this assault could have been planned and executed by proxies coordinated ultimately through the tentacles of NATO Intelligence or the CIA - as it is to assume it was a spontaneous incident. Without hard evidence of the so called rapists we will never know who was behind it.

With little information about the details of the assault, American television viewers were left with only their imagination and the headline "Lara Logan Gang Raped."

Logan became an unwitting pawn in the dirty game of empire. No doubt it must have been terrifying for her to be whisked out of the crowd by a group of men grabbing at her. And it is a near certainty that if this group was tasked with the task that whoever put these men up this this psychological operation and the men who did this psychological operation themselves would not have the qualifications or capabilities to "pull off" such a psyop without some mistakes being made, as absurd as that sounds.

 Weeks later in an appearance on 60 Minutes, Logan recounted the story of being pulled from a thick crowd of protestors by a group of men and brought to the side of the road and having her clothes pulled on by this group of men. (the interview is unclear as to whether her clothing was completely removed.")

 As for the gang raping? Logan recounted, "They raped me with their hands." no other details about the extent of penetration. And the interview was unclear the extent of injuries. The FBI does not consider that Ms Logan was raped nor did the Wall Street Journal who discounted the idea that she had been raped after hearing her version of the incident.


At the time, during the heat of the street protests/photo-ops, the rape story fueled the insatiable beast of aggression. It served it's purpose. To further demonize Gadafi and justify the NATO air bombardment.


 But it is not typical that such a public gang raping could occur in a busy square in the center of Cairo. Egyptian society has very strict taboos regarding such acts and if a gang was seen gang raping someone in a public square it is likely that police could come and the perpetrators would be in for an extremely harsh situation.

 So to accept these staged events as actual news, requires that the person accepting such stories generated by CNN, FOX and the rest of the American television networks, must as a prerequisite know nothing whatsoever about the respective countries being targeted so that these incredulous stories get accepted as being real.

 At the time, the Logan incident was used to create just the right amount of "useful indignation" to keep the momentum of the media attention in full force, the momentum of the insurgency in full swing (Just long enough for the US to swap the old tyrant, Mubarak with a new tyrant Tantawi, who was more to their liking)And the people in Tahrir Square who in the preceding days were all watching jumbo projection screens that had been set up by god knows who, of recursive footage of themselves on CNN in the streets of Cairo protesting... under the glare of big jumbo screens above them blasting news reports to the revolutionaries, of themselves there in the square, in real time, were now dumbstruck by the sudden appearance of Charlie Sheen on the big screens instead of themselves and their revolution.


The Sheen MeltdownTM Marks the end of the glorious Egyptian, CIA staged, "People Power Revolution."

Just in the nick of time, when a distraction was needed, Sheen had another MeltdownTM, trashed another hotel room, got caught with some new hooker and/or got busted for cocaine - the details are not important. What matters is that they simply jump cut to Sheen and that was the end of the revolution.

 charlie sheen

With the Egyption leadership swap out accomplished, the US media pulled the plug on coverage of the so called revolution and jump cut to - Charlie Sheen's Latest MeltdownTM!

No more people power revolution playing 24hrs a day - It's Sheen's MeltdownTM now! - The revolution is now over.

What a glorious achievement, the power of the empire, to rob hundreds of millions of people around the world of our natural hopes, rights and freedoms - with mere media trickery... and not be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. 


And the people in Tahrir Square looked up at the big jumbo screens that were set up along the streets there. And it was Sheen on Piers Morgan, talking about his latest cocaine binge! The protestors waited patiently for the story to end and to get back to coverage of their revolution but that night it was sheen on every channel. They changed the channels but all the channels coming from the west had only Sheen that night and the following morning. Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Access, The View, Hollywood 411, all the "news" networks, etc, etc, all it was, was Sheen, Sheen, Sheen.


A chill cold came over the protestors - they looked around at each other in silence - their revolution was no longer televised? What did this mean? Were they all alone now? Hung out to dry by the US? (like every group or people seeking genuine democratic reform - for that is not what the oligarchy wants.)

And this is the moment when they realize their situation and ask themselves why they believed that US oligarchs would want people in the world to be free? Why would anybody believe that? We should know by now that the ruling elite certainly fears such scenarios of free democratic reforms. Because then it means they will lose their grip on power.

 The Arab Spring revolutions were made for TV photo opportunities from the start, once the photo-op was over, in a very real sense - so were the revolutions. 

 A few protestors stayed behind to see if the western cameras would ever get turned on again but the cameras never did. Their objectives in Egypt having been achieved, the news crews patted themselves on their backs, mission accomplished, the US military and state department objective had been achieved with their help and they would certainly be rewarded for their service - They packed their cameras and scripts and left. it was Sheen all that next week and the week after. You had to go to the Internet if you were interested to see the Egyptian "Clean up" - The military moving in and arresting the remaining protesters. That scene didn't fit in with the narrative that the US directors of this psychological operation had in mind for the population to know so there was barely any mention of this clean up in the mainstream media.

 Nor is there ever much mention of why after the US goes into an Arab or Islamic country to "help" them find democracy - the countries invariably descend into byzantine aged Islamic fundamentalism. (requiring many more years of intervention to clean up and many more luscious military arms contracts to be doled out to do so.)

Next Stop Libya

 With Egypt out of the way the US oligarchy's CIA made Libya the focus of their next staged "people power revolution." So the heat was on, the cameras were rolling. Enter a rape story of such sloppiness that you wonder how much the government pays Hill and Knowlton or Burson Marstellar or whoever scripted and planned this one, for such sloppy work. (The two aformentioned firms are giant PR firms typically contracted to script such government deceptions (psy-ops) used to deceive the American people and the people of the world.)  

 Whomever handled this job did a bad job. We have Iman al-Obeidi - The woman who burst unto the meme-o-sphere when she burst into a hotel lobby in Tripoli where the international press had headquartered and claimed that Gaddafi's troops had abducted her, tied her hands, defecated on her and gang raped her for two days. 

Watch Obeidi go through a list of cliches about her honor being lost and the evil brigades of Gadafi. Later when we see what the media characterizes as "Obeidi being dragged out and thrown into a waiting car," it looks more like Obeidi is leading the way to the car for a bit - certainly not being dragged. And why would she go so easily directly to the car if she was so afraid about being raped? Also she is pointing to the questionable scratches on her face saying, "See look what they did!" But if she was really raped for two days by 15 men part of teh time with the barell of an AK-47 her focus would be on an area not related to the surface scratches on her face and she would certainly not be leading the charge towards the car because she would likely not be able to walk.

But the media didn't think to ask any of this because thir job is not to do that. Their job is to assist their Wall Street owners in their bungled takeover attempts of revatively weak nations.

By purposedly drawing attention to the superficial scratches on her face and the overtly political sloganeering she was spouting and the rest of her behavior and statements, it leads any reasonably intelligent investigator to the conclusion that this woman was not recently raped by 15 men for two days - No way no how.

The timing of course also being a bit too convenient to swallow this one at face value - the circumstances being on their surface improbable. This woman did not look like she had been tied up for two days and gang raped by 15 men. The so called scratches on her face looked very superficial and have the angles suggesting they could have been self inflicted by reaching her right hand across to create the scratch marks on her opposing left cheek where what appear to be two Iman Obeidi fingernail scratches can be seen. 

 And why would she come directly to the gathering of journalists and not a hospital after just being gang raped? And how did she know where the journalists were all gathered and the best time to catch them all there? These are reasonable questions that a thinking person would have, yet the mainstream media, dominated by CNN whom for that week had Ms Obeidi as their poster child, didn't bother to ask.

 No matter for CNN how improbable so many surface aspects about Obeidi's claims appear, improbability is what makes CNN go round! One of their asshole reporters on the scene of this charade played a leading role as "hero" in this made for TV news farce, with a most half hearty effort at heroism indeed, literally appearing twice saying, "where are you taking her?" before being thrown aside by a tiny plains-clothed Libyan security agent. So much for CNN's hero character, he literally gets tossed aside twice by a tiny Libyan guard and we call him a hero? Some hero. Why didn't he smite the maiden Obeidi's captors and whisk her to a fabled existence somewhere in Westchester County? No, he just gets thrown out of frame and he's heroic because of this. Welcome to American television - We're ALL heroes!

 Then here's some of what she said:

 “I was tied up, and they defecated and urinated on me,” she said. “They violated my honor.”

 Violated your honor??? (The script writer cuts right to the cliche here bypassing any hint of subtlety, and thus realness.) A rape victim would not say this, this would be understood as an obvious in her culture unfortunately but flat out articulating it upfront like that is just plain sloppy scriptwriting, and nothing else. By stating it so obviously the scriptwriter has either dispensed with subtlety or has never heard of subtlety but either way it reveals another clue to it's now glaring lack of authenticity. 

 When she appeared at the hotel which headquartered the press she demanded to speak directly to the New York Times and Reuters! So essentially, the mainstream media is aware that when this women entered the hotel she was requesting to speak to Reuters and not one of them asked her the logical question, "Why after just being raped was your first choice Reuters?" The answer is of course being that this is what her handlers told her to do. Very sloppy stuff here. 

A rape victim in Libya would go about it in a different way. Her behavior does not square up with an even basic behavioral profile expected from someone who had just undergone the ordeal as described in this woman's account sloppily coached by some agent or proxy in the tentacles of the "intelligence" establishment in the US.

No free agents in this game, she would have only done the job if arrangements were made for a nice place for her in the US or some Arab Emirate. Expect to see Ms Obeidi doing some traveling soon. No way she can stay in Libya if we don't route Gaddafi. 

obeidi's wristVoxnews was the only news outlet that pointed out the glaring inconsistencies in this story. Obeidi claims she was Handcuffed and gang raped for two days by 15 men on a cement floor. Yet during her theatrical performance in the hotel lobby, there are no visible marks on her wrists. Handcuffs dig deep into the wrists creating deep red marks lasting for days and this only after wearing handcuffs briefly sitting still. If however handcuffs were on a person's wrists for two days while gang raped by 15 men, the wrists would be markedly red and swollen. Yet there were no visible marks on Obeidi's wrists.

After Voxnews specifically pointed out these inconsistencies regarding the wrists and posted it to CNN iReport (where it was summarily deleted.) days later CNN magically locates Obeidi (whom out of the other side of their mouths reported her as missing, in prison or in danger) and in an interview with her, specifically "covers" the wrist issue - only CNN fails to mention that there were analysts early on who pointed out inconsistencies in the story regarding the lack of markings on her wrists, instead they simply asked her about her wrists and she showed them a wrist that didn't show much of anything and she says that her wrists had healed. And that's that for CNN's critical examination! They sure did "cover" the wrist story. Just like they cover over everything important and replace it with whatever objectives their Wall Street masters desire. 

A deal was likely to have been struck in the days or weeks prior to her "rape" accusation and that deal would had to have included safe passage to the United States and monetary compensation for her new life in the west. 

As for the stories of systematic rape by Libyan forces, both Amnesty International and the United Nations could not substantiate the claims, finding no evidence whatsoever supporting the US Media's claims that mass systematic raping of woman was being used in Libya by Gaddafi's forces.

The reports of these two organizations, rebuking the bogus rape claims by US mainstream media, were not reported by the mainstream media - Just the bogus unsubstantiated claims get reported by the controlled US mainstream media. And although the stories proved, like so many stories that appear on US television news networks, to be patently false, there was no correction or retraction by any US television network about these false claims. So the rape meme was used once again to successfully demonize and create anger and revulsion in the US population to rev them up to wave flags and shout hate and do what they are told to do - it was all just another psy-op. 

And then only months later when we get the confirmation that, like the last one which was also not real, neither was this one - it's too little too late.

This is now part of the formula. So when you watch a rape story coming from the controlled corporate western imperialist television media you might want to remember your history and don't let it repeat itself. Ask the normal question. Why all of the sudden when there were no stories of rape from this area, no accusations of rape from this area and no history or investigations of any rapes in this are are all of the sudden when the US wants to take over the region there emerge all these "unconfirmed" rape stories?

Don't be fooled again and again and again. Only to be told (on the Internet not the TV) that it was fake all along - all that "stuff" they reported on their TV networks. The hope is that they can distract you enough with the next "control through fear" meme that you will forget about the previous control through fear meme. And with this constant roll out of new distractions the last ones gets swept under the rug and not a mention of them anymore.

This is how it is done. So long as you can keep such a steady torrent of lies rolling out, then we become ocupuied with the lie of the moment and don't even have the time to consider yesterday's lies. No time or attention span to even care about yesterday's lies. This is what they count on. But voxnews will articulate these and provide the followup that is missing elsewhere.



more facts:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mh07l-Zrjk  US Soldiers rape 14 year old girl then kill her and her family.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVeSktXxV0U   Here CNN sets up a completely ficticous story about gaddaffi loyalists committing mass rapes and capturing them on their cell phones. Every aspect of this bogus CNN report is "unverifiable" and even now carries the now ubiquotious disclaimer from the bogus CNN that even CNN as bogus as it is it will not even verify the bogusness of their latest patently bogus story. 





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