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To Be Quite Honest - Please Die Soon

Facebook, Google, Youtube and Twitter need to attempt their sloppy excision of elements of human existence like hate not to "protect and keep the community safe" but to keep us from eviscerating them. And journalists play along to be in their club and on their networks and in their dying publications. To hell with politeness - if a journalist isn't a killer, they're not a journalist. Its OK to hate so long as its the scum like Chris Cuomo or Mike Pompeo that you hate. So join in on this moment of hate. Enjoy!

Published in Pandemic

The Last Cock on Google

The race is on for total control of the human mind.
Google is leading an effort to desexualize the human mind.
Only when the mind is desexualized can the fear and hate memes take over.
Google is military grade mind control network and each day the insidious threat from Google becomes more and more apparent. 

In this broadcast Vox examines the effort to desexualize the search results of all sexual search terms.
The implications are that sexuality in this case is only a test, it will be to the "other" ideas that they are really targeting. The political ideas, the thirst for freedom is the ultimate target of the kind of systematic censorship Google is engaged in against our knowledge and consent.


Published in VOXNEWS RADIO
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