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To Be Quite Honest - Please Die Soon

Facebook, Google, Youtube and Twitter need to attempt their sloppy excision of elements of human existence like hate not to "protect and keep the community safe" but to keep us from eviscerating them. And journalists play along to be in their club and on their networks and in their dying publications. To hell with politeness - if a journalist isn't a killer, they're not a journalist. Its OK to hate so long as its the scum like Chris Cuomo or Mike Pompeo that you hate. So join in on this moment of hate. Enjoy!

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Vox dismantles the argument that RT News is any more state sponsored than CNN is, (or the rest of the establishment shills called the US mainstream media.)

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The Anatomy of a Media Hoax.
In this video Voxnews analyzes what appears as fraudulently inserted gunshot sounds into a video of CNN's Ben Wedeman during the US destabilization of Libya and murder of its leader Muammar Gaddafi. Please download the original and spread it around because CNN has waged a massive legal effort to have this evidence of their criminal activity removed from the internet - claiming copyright violation. 

The investigative report of CNN criminality is protected by US federal law 17 U.S.C. § 107 which specifically protects the FAIR USE of copyrighted material for news reporting, commentary, teaching, scholarship, and research.
Download your Copyright free copy of this report to spread and warn people about the criminal nature of CNN.
Download: https://archive.org/details/CNNBUSTEDVOXNEWSENDH264

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Emergency Broadcast on Syria

Brace yourselves for Voxnews'  - Emergency Broadcast on Syria

Vox unleashes a blistering attack on the American mainstream media, politicians and the systems which prop them up.
(Scroll Down for Audio)

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