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OUTRAGE? just ignore it, there's nothing they can do anyways.

In the age of coordinated outrage mobs, (usually by either Israeli or zionist lobby groups or by alienated "liberals" who are being unwittingly utilized by said zionist groups to attack other classically liberal persons who express antiwar views) the question is, why would anyone give a flying fuck about some douchebags or organized group of douchebags' outrage? I mean seriously why give a fuck? 

Supposedly as the story goes, corporations give a fuck because outrage may effect profits. But does anyone really believe that some schmuck with a thousand or twelve signatures (mouse clicks actually) on some causes.com campaign really can harm a billion dollar business? That was a trick question. You see outrage mobs are created, financed and operated BY the billionaire class specifically to target anyone and anything BUT the billionaire class. Outrage mobs are created to attack individuals who pose a threat to the billionaire class. They never target billionaires. 

You can ignore most outrage groups and there's nothing they can do about it. So giant industrial polluters can ignore environmental outrage groups because those groups are controlled by the polluters themselves and those groups are specifically targeting the vague concept “climate change.” Now here’s how you tell if its a fake outrage group: If what they are protesting cannot be arrested or dragged out into the street and disemboweled (like in the good old days) than its not a real enemy and thus not a real “movement.” (Good luck arresting “climate change”)

But one group you cannot ignore because they will never go away.

On the tiny island nation of Iceland - the land of free speech. Recently when the progressive party there proposed banning circumcision the government quickly received an angry email from Byron Gross, expressing outrage, declaring that he and his family are cancelling their trip to Iceland because of this ominous foreskin issue looming on the horizon. This proposal, he wrote, is “a direct assault on the Jewish faith,” and would, “deal a devastating blow to the right of every individual to serve his or her creator as he of she sees fit.”

OK so ordinarily one who wishes to stick to their beliefs would hunker down and sacrifice the influx of those who base their tourism economy on circumcision policy. But in this case it would not stop there. Unlike literally every other outrage issue which will go away, this proposed circumcision ban affects the one group which is most protected. And so as expected, the Icelandic government caved in and so now if you need to snip some foreskins - you're good to go! Its all cool now. 

Someday the human race may grow a spine and realize that as long as we are all on the same page we can all collectively treat the outrage from the chosen ones as we treat most outrage. But as long as one group’s outrage is placed above all others in a sort of outrage supremacy hierarchy - we will be slaves. 

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