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Gender Progressiveness for Control (0)

The new deal from the oligarchy - They'll give us gender progressiveness and we just keep nice and quiet about their wars, militarism, surveillance and financial corruption. And it looks like Neo-Liberal mindsets are chomping on the bait. Voxnews takes a close look at why the ruling class has ordered their servants, (the political class and mainstream media) to start promoting gender "equality" and a relaxation of Marijuana laws as their new method to keep their grip on power.

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In this section, Voxnews examines the lies that our "society6" is based on. The lies we tell each other, the lies passed down from generation after generation. The lies that form our "Traditions." The lies for the churches, religions, governments, kings, politicians., corporations.

The lies that our "Belief system" is comprised of.

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This section focuses on the US government's longtime infiltration operations against Americans. The purpose of the government's systematic infiltration efforts are to disrupt, dis-inform, destroy the possibilities that a legitimate political discourse can occur.

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