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Oligarchy & Billionaires

Billionaire John Catsimatidis has nothing in his history which would make him suitable for Mayor or New York City. Running a large grocery story and feeding off the trough of capitalism does not in the view of Voxnews meet the standards that citizen's should expect of our so called "leaders."

If Catsimatidis cannot even properly manage his personal hygiene he is unfit for the office of Mayor of New York.

This previous dramatization is merely a dialectic exercise, to look a little deeper than the surface. To counter the utter lack of hard questions coming from the Mind Toilet of the mainstream media. 
it doesn't matter if the way I describe the event is correct or incorrect this time around, it's the way it is enough of the time for me or any normally thinking person to be skeptical ALL OF THE TIME. 
And so therefore, I will continue to subject each and every morsel of this tsunami of corporate bullshit coming from our lovely oligarchy and the politicians who serve them to intense scrutiny, skepticism, doubt, incredulity, cynicism, disgust, contempt, disbelief, disobedience, and most of all resistance. 
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