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Police Kill More Citizens In 1 Year - Than All Mass Shooters Combined

With each new sensational mass murder (most of which are performed by persons on powerful government approved and pharmaceutically profitable psychoactive drugs) we see the coordinated propaganda machinery kicking into high gear to convince us that we need to disarm the population. Apart from the glaringly obvious concept which doesn’t seem to have much influence on those who are driven by emotional appeals of our lovely power structure, and not logical facts, disobeying laws is what makes a criminal a criminal, so if you make a law saying that no one should have guns, what makes anyone think that a criminal will obey that law? There are laws on the books that no one should rob banks but bank robbers don’t seem to obey that law. Likewise there are laws that say people shouldn’t steal the property of others - how many thieves do you think care? The point is that to outlaw citizen’s ownership of guns means only criminals and the government (which many consider to be criminal) will have them.

The broader issue is a deeply philosophical one. It was born out of the need to safeguard people from the inevitable descent into tyranny which occurs in nearly each and every society. The truth about life is that powerful people always abuse their power - If not now, give it some time and the abuse always happens. And the more more powerful the person, entity or government is, the more prone to tyranny that person, entity or government will be. The is a reason for the maxim, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” It’s true.

So the founding fathers included the most extraordinary amendment to the constitution, So important was this idea that they made it second only to the right for free speech. The very second amendment was the right for the people to have equal killing power to that of their government. It wasn't designed to protect hunters or for target practice, but to give the people the ability to overthrow their own government. The brutal monarchies at the time recoiled in astonishment! How in the world can you control and rule (with the iron fist so typical of these tyrants) if you allow people the right to have the same killing power as the tyrant!? How can a tyrant survive under such a condition! And that was the point of the second amendment - To put all future American leaders and governments under the awareness that should they get out of hand and become abusive tyrannies that the people can organize and overthrow and replace them.

There is a dangerous trend occurring in America. Police now have the power to be judge, jury and executioner and can literally execute unarmed citizens in broad daylight and on camera and face no consequences whatsoever. Politicians can now secretly take any amount of money from any source without having to disclose where the money came from and as a result ostensibly work for a foreign or corporate power against the will and wishes of the people that they are supposed to represent. By all definitions this represents tyranny.

This past century governments were responsible for approximately 260,000,000 killings.
In the United States more citizens were killed in the year 2014 than in all mass murders since 1982 combined.
One citizen is killed by a police officer every 7.5 seconds.  Considering such alarming statistics, these is no logical or statistical case for disarming law abiding gun owners. But in America today, logic and statistics don’t play a big role any more. All that matters is the partisan agenda of the prevailing ruling power structures and right now the power structures of the ruling class are in a rare conflict with the political puppets who typically do and say whatever their billionaire masters tell them to do and say. But in this case there is an overwhelming population base who understands clearly the importance of the 2nd Amendment. And the conditions on the ground are such that any politician in certain states who threatens this vitally important amendment will very definitely be voted out of office come election day. So for now we are safe. But the forces for gun control will never stop. Many leading researchers are coming to the conclusion that many if not most of these mass shootings may be orchestrated by the deepest forms of mind control and for the specific purpose of ushering in a police state - a banker controlled totalitarian prison planet.


You’re Nine Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer that a Terrorist

Daily Show Highlights Mystery of How Many People are Shot and Killed by Police

IN 2014 Police Killed Twice as Many Americans than Mass Shooters Combined Since 1982

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