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The dark hand of the private, ultra right wing, clandestine intelligence operatives will continue to program children to kill other children. The stakes are too high for the oligarchic powers whose survival is at stake. They simply MUST maintain a constant STRATEGY OF TENSION and destabilization or else they will lose the war to control the minds of the American people and thus their ability maintain their grip on power.

Right now their principle method of this proven strategy of tension, is school shootings. The purpose is multifold. The main purpose is the implementation of a total police state, not for our protection but to protect the ruling class from the coming revolution. The oligarchy understands that their theft, militarism and wrongdoing is so great, so oppressive, so systemic that unless they can divert our attention away from their crimes and get us to focus on the crimes of their programmed assassins (in other words - what APPEARS to be coming from the people) that we would rise up and tear this filth to shreds. No one knows more than the ruling class, the historic realities that often occur to oligarchies when they get as out of hand as the US oligarchy has clearly gotten. They know that the American people are reaching a historic breaking point. And so their only "strategy" is random killings at the moment. This is the extent of the "creativity" of our private covert networks. 

But they needn't be too creative because they have lot of help in pushing these fear operations through to successful conclusions.

The aim to force a repeal of the 2nd amendment which they must do prior to their "final solution" that they in store for the American population and the world.

Each and every single mass shooting and school shooting is shrouded in secrecy and in extremely suspicious circumstances. All of the shootings bear the hallmarks of intelligence operations NOT random lone gunman style incidents.

It is a simple matter for the intelligence services to program a human to shoot and kill another human and then turn the gun on themselves and thus get rid of the evidence. The technology and techniques were developed by the CIA in the 1950s and have been perfected in the following years.

Robert Kennedy, Martin Luthor King, John Lennon, were all victims of CIA programmed assassins. But this programming is no longer the sole dominion of the CIA, because the CIA at this point is too unreliable and too sloppy and to much in the public eye.

These deep black operations exist within the realms of billion dollar private intelligence corporations with names we have never heard of. Blackwater and Kroll and Vinelli corporations (private killing corporations) are like girl scouts compared to the real networks whose names we do not know and whom are behind this wave of the programming of children to kill other children.

And these murderous covert operations have key media personalities which prevent any inquiry into this realm. Media prostitutes like Rachel Maddow deny the very existence of PROJECT MK ULTRA (the well known and documented mind control program in the 1950s and 60s)

The US government doesn't even deny the existence of this MK Ultra mind control program , which used hypnosis and mind altering drugs for the purposes of creating a programmed assassin - They admitted this in 1978 during the famous House Select Committee on Assassinations, headed by Congressman Frank Church, yet 34 years later, the controlled opposition represented by Mrs Maddow, is claiming that this program never existed?

It is a well known fact that Project MK Ultra is very real, why then is Rachel Maddow now telling us that it never happened? It's documented and not even denied by the US government - yet Maddow is trying to "inform" us that it never happened.

Voxnews strongly questions Mrs Maddow's credentials and motivations, and we're more than interested in who she REALLY works for.

Maddow represents the Neo Liberal trickery, the deal that Maddow represents for her Military Industrial Complex handlers (she works for the military industrial complex) is as follows. We'll throw you former vast segments of society who were formally against war, these tiny little scraps of "gender progressiveness" to satisfy your liberal emotional attachment to delusions that you are progressive and you just keep your mouths SHUT about our ILLEGAL RAMPANT MILITARISTIC CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY posing as humanitarian aid.

Great deal from Maddow right? Wrong, she's a shill for the military industry, plain and simple. The ruling class has decided that it is really no skin off their hide to toss the American people scraps of gender adventurism in the form of Maddow.

Nevermind Maddow's tirades that the Government would never ever consider doing anything wrong and that Republicans are the evil force. No doubt Republicans are slimy little rats working for the Industrial Complex so they are an enemy, but Maddow fails to tell you that Democrats get MORE money from the Military industrial complex that republicans, she doesn't bother to mention that. Thanks Maddow, (fucking scumbag)

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Harry Vox

Investigative Journalist from New York. Publisher of some of the Internet's earliest news websites (fux.net 1994-1999) (voxnyc.com 1995-2002) (voxfux.com 1995-present-archive) (www.voxnews.com 2002-present) 

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