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Voxnews applauds the courage and efforts of the Anonymous movement. 

Dispensing with the non existent "objectivity" the mainstream media fakes every moment of it's existence, when we cover an event or protest we find ourselves more thoroughly as protestors ourselves, then journalists. But we notice that Americans are so beaten, so lost, so apathetic, that few show up to protests these days. Their great last hope was Barack Obama and we all know how that turned out. Is it that they are still clinging to the empty hopes? Or is it that they just aren't informed how bad it is?

Of course every American should applaud any person or organization who stands up against this fascist filth. But they are not. But many still can't see who is on their side. Nevertheless, there will always be the real Americans, like the Anonymous collective and the real Occupy activists (not the FBI infiltrators). The real ones, the ones with the genuine American spirit, are out there every day confronting the most sinister and well financed juggernaut of death and suffering - the US Government and it's owners.

These true selfless movements, like Anonymous and Occupy are holding the torch for the hopes and dreams of the future of humankind. And the heroes, the whistleblowers, the hackers will be victorious. 

These movements play a vital role in the protection of our liberties. But they all seem to have self destruction mechanisms. The Anonymous movement does very much play a role in the never ending resistance to tyranny. They are on the frontiers of resistance. One problem though must be addressed in the Anonymous movement. It is too male-centric. I deplore any cliche about gender so this is not some impotent Neo Liberal cliche, but the Anonymous movement I believe should address it's overwhelmingly male iconographic representations. It's time to have both men and women on those iconic images of the movement, and if the movement must continue to use that fucking Time Warner copyright creation (which is another issue that should be more thoroughly addressed as to it's ultimate implications for a "liberation" movement) there should at least be some clearly female version. In it's current manifestation and iconography, it appeals mostly to adolescent and young males ages 16-24 from my observation. And this will forever limit the concept and movement as a whole. 

In the huge November Occupy march several years ago, there were teacher's unions joining in, nurses unions, AFLCIO, doctors, lawyers, elderly. That November march was a deeply moving experience precisely because it really was a broad cross section of us all. That massive November march was real momentum.

The Million Mask MArch however, failed to bring out the many diverse elements to make it great. Although we are angry and have a reason to be angry - Anger ONLY can work if all the other things are present, a deep philosophy, a deep understanding, a deep commitment to success, and a healthy sense of humor. Anger left out there all by itself shouting, "Fuck You NSA!, Fuck You NSA!," will not yield much results. So there needs to be a clear articulation of the philosophy and the anger (if done right) moves the whole thing along.

can And not to mention that the mask is both male AND a wholly owned copyright of Time Warner Inc. In other words every time you purchase one of these masks, TIME WARNER GETS PAID... which of course is an irony too hard to really deal with once it sinks in - It's not a resistance movement if you're paying your oppressor for the rights to use their logo over your face for "your" movement.

Also the iconography is somewhat limited, comprised primarily of a series of images that we associate with on a nightmarish level. One logo is a suit without a head, or several men in suits behind the smiling Guy Fawkes masks, the smile being anything but cheery. All these images strike at a deep sense of horror and terror. And the taglines, "We never forgive" "We never forget," are not likely to resonate with average sinners such as myself. Nor will nurses unions and teacher unions or the elderly don their Guy Fawkes masks and take to the streets shouting fuck the NSA! Yes of course we must definitely fuck the NSA but we can only do that with more elegant arguments than "Fuck the NSA!"

The idea that Anonymous represents is a big idea and worthy of inclusion in our lexicon, imaginations, and political discourse. But it is being shortchanged by press releases or announcements which seems to purposely scare off and marginalize large segments of society which might actually appreciate most of what the idea of anonymity is about. And so by scaring broad segments of society off, they also set back the cause of anonymity which is a very important cause to understand, defend and utilize.


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Harry Vox

Investigative Journalist from New York. Publisher of some of the Internet's earliest news websites (fux.net 1994-1999) (voxnyc.com 1995-2002) (voxfux.com 1995-present-archive) (www.voxnews.com 2002-present) 

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