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Soft Insurgency - the imperialists formula for taking over the world

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Potential troublemakers that the CIA and NATO typically use to destabilize or takeover a target nation come in all forms - common thugs, exiled criminals, soccer hooligans, ambitious opposition candidates, restless students, etc. When you are the leader of a nation that the Western powers have targeted for destabilization or takeover it becomes a never-ending process of looking over one's dictatorial shoulder to see who the latest group of criminal thugs, opposition leaders or even well meaning university students seeking genuine reform are being funneled truckloads of money, communications systems and weaponry designed to assassinate you and destabilize your country and people.

Through covert CIA front operations, various NGOs and other organizations such as the National Endowment for Democracy, USAID, Freedom House, Development Alternatives Inc, and literally thousands of other Organizations, groups, and companies, the CIA funnels money, weapons and resources to any and all groups who can aid in the destabilization process. Why directly confront a target when you can confront the target indirectly, via a proxy who will gladly do it for you - for pay! In the case of the recent so called "Arab Spring Revolutions," the CIA and NATO intelligence funneled financial and logistical support to middle class and upper class university students who were targeted to be the organizational structure to gather the giant photo opportunities which are in actuality the centerpiece around which the other aspects of the insurgency are subordinate to. And Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are be the essential communications components to organizing these mass photo opportunities, such as the one in Tahrir Square which was widely broadcast in the west to show the world how much the people of Egypt were yearning for freedom. The plan worked perfectly, the students were the perfect dupes for Western Intelligence and executed their roles flawlessly - promoting the glorious "people power revolution" that the people thought was their own revolution but in actuality was merely a staged event by Western intelligence. These techniques are simple because the economies of target nations are so poor that the cost to trick these people in these countries is negligible compared to the oil revenues the West can steal from the target nation or the strategic importance of the location that the unfortunate target country resides in, that is vital to the economic interests of the imperialist aggressor.


 It is a simple matter to covertly bribe key contacts in the target government to stage a high level "Defection." This defection is designed to demoralize the leader of the target country at home and also to trick dumbed down TV viewers (or anyone who gets their news from US based mainstream sources) that it is the right thing to support this takeover because, "See, even people in his own government are defecting." Since the target countries are always poor countries it is a simple matter to find disaffected persons in the target regime and promise them a huge lifestyle change by participating in a staged defection. It doesn't matter if you keep the promise, once the traitor announces the defection there is no turning back, he has no where to go so you can promise them the world and deliver nothing and there isn't a damn thing the defector can do about it at that point. What's he going to do, hold a press conference announcing that the US didn't keep their end of the bargain and give him the bribe money he was promised to betray his own country and people? When you see the word defection regarding a country that the US imperialists have targeted for takeover, you can replace it with the phrase "bribed official."

If high level officials are not available for bribery simply use any official - even a low level office clerk. Then the mainstream media will simply announce that the defector was a high level official and there will be no mainstream outlet which will dispute the validity of the claim. If absolutely no officials or persons whatsoever are willing to defect, the CIA and Mainstream media  can simply make up a fictitious person with a fictitious title and report that this person has defected. By the time the alternative media gets enough information out that in fact the whole thing was fake, there will already be another distraction in the mainstream news to keep the simple minds of US television news watchers occupied and the deception will fly under the radar. 

3) STAGE A FAKE RAPE INCIDENT.  The use of sexuality is now a leading element of all imperialist destabilization efforts to utilize in their media campaign. Rape stories are particularly effective on the dumbed down US population who has been conditioned by years of television news and government and religious propaganda to be the most sexually uptight nation on earth (besides perhaps Iran). The rape story does not have to be very well planned out and it is not necessary to even have any details of the story consistent with reality, they simply arrange (through a proxy) to have a woman shout rape - have the television news report it (and of course claim that the information is "unconfirmed" - which is now the leading way news organizations get around the obvious credibility backlash should the story fall flat on it's face as being an obvious staged phony event.) Although the bogus stories seldom fall on their face - they work every time because the American population is so dumbed down by the effect of years of television viewership that there is little left of a collective or individual critical capability. Once the rape is widely reported by the US media (at the direction of the CIA) most Americans will simply believe the story and it will become easier to trick the Americans to support yet another war that they cannot afford to pay for and which they will receive no benefits from. 

4 ARRANGE GIANT PHOTO OP. Have the mainstream American media book hotel rooms overlooking whatever popular city square in the target country that the CIA has decided will be used for the giant "revolution rally" photo opportunity to be ready to catch the action of the "revolution" when the CIA, through their unwitting proxies on the ground in the target country, gives the green light for the staged revolution to begin. At the predesignated time, the CIA will instruct their proxies on the ground to Twitter and Facebook a time and location to stage their revolution (photo op). The location will already have the presence of the US mainstream media who just so happens to have rooms overlooking the giant rally and beams these images to viewers around the world who think they are watching a real revolution and have no idea that the people in the square also have no idea what the real purpose they are there for is. 


Bring in AlQaeda! AlQaeda was created by the CIA as a covert destabilization army from the beginning. They work for US intelligence - always have always will. This is the truth of AlQaeda. It's first major mission was the attacks of 911. Now the purpose of the CIA's AlQaeda is to destabilize target nations. When the target nation defends itself against the CIA's AlQaeda paid terrorists like any honorable nation or leader would do when the CIA brings them in to do their work, the mainstream media will report, "Oh look at this evil leader of target nation, how dare he fire on his own people." Regardless of the mountain of credible evidence and reports from independent media that in fact the target government is not firing on it's own people but instead defending itself against an outside force brought in by the CIA to destabilize the nation, the mainstream media can be counted on to keep the American people in the dark and dumbed down. Instead of using common sense the American population can be counted upon to wave the flag and shout kill rather than actually think anything trough and see the naked lie for what it is.

6) SEND IN THE DEATH SQUADS. (Snipers, Snipers, Snipers)

CIA death squads have been a major component in US destabilization programs since they unleashed wide scale terrorism throughout Latin America and Central America in the 1980's and before. Like all of the dirty work of US imperialism these days, the death squads wouldn't be comprised of actual CIA agents, but paid proxy terrorists. It's not hard to find criminal or terrorist elements throughout the world willing and ready to perform terrorist acts for pay - and pay is what the US does. Throughout the world, the US government is paying (through intermediate proxies) billions of dollars to any thug, criminal, or terrorist willing to terrorize their own people.

In all the Arab Spring uprisings we see examples of snipers from rooftops randomly killing innocent women and children so that their partners in the US mainstream media can report these killings as the handiwork of the target regime when it is obvious on a surface examination of the facts that the snipers are working for Western intelligence and not the target regime. It matters little that large percentages of the target population closest to the conflict themselves (the citizens of the targeted nation) do not believe that their own government is shooting on them and are openly accusing the CIA of being behind the sniping and death squads - the media will simply ignore the people of the target country and instead set up an informant working for US intelligence as a "man in the street" spokesman representing the views and opinions of the entire population of the target nation. This paid informant will claim that it is the target regime shooting their own people - and this will work smoothly on the dumbed down minds of the average US television news viewer who do not have the time and ability to understand the complex dynamics of such events or verify any facts further than what they are being presented by the US media. And so CIA death squads are and will unfortunately be a major element of US imperialist destabilization programs. 


The CIA and mainstream media arrange informants in target nation for a "man in the street" report where these unnamed and unknown persons inject the "No Fly Zone" meme into the media campaign. The media provides extensive coverage of these bogus set up "man in the street" reports. We saw this technique of the no fly zone in the first Iraq conflict and quickly after in the Bosnia Herzegovina conflict. But the idea to use it, not as a method to provide humanitarian relief but as a tool of imperialist conquest, was obvious to astute political observers in the CIA's staged "Arab Spring Revolution" in Libya. 

The first mentions of the idea of applying the no fly zone was placed in the flow of televised news by CNN when in a report from Libya, CNN producers in cooperation with Western intelligence staged a fake news report where an unidentified "man in the street" began the call for a no fly zone. It had been many years since the Bosnia conflict and it is extremely unlikely that an average "man in the street" in Libya would have ever even heard of the concept of a no fly zone or would have thought that during a chance encounter in the street with a CNN reporter he would suddenly think to tell the CNN reporter that the US should institute a no fly zone.

As soon as that very first injection of the no fly zone meme was staged by CNN under the direction of the CIA, Voxnews immediately issued reports warning that it would soon be an all out carpet bombing of Libya. The story was fake but like most of the news coming from Western mainstream media and their CIA handlers, it worked. As soon as the staged no fly zone meme was injected into the news stream you saw within hours that every news network was transmitting these false claims that all of the sudden hundreds of unidentified random citizens in target country and now identified public officials in target country were all calling for a no fly zone. The CIA and state department then assess who could be a willing accomplice in the imperialist aggression and lucky for the Obama administration they had a more than willing fascist President of France, Sarkozy, who was eager to cover up his criminal acceptance of hundred of millions of dollars from the regime of Gaddafi in order to steal the French election and drive the entire country of France into a fascist regime. So Sarkozy had to cover up his criminality in accepting all of this bribe money from the Libyan leader and the state department knew full well that the Criminal Sarkozy would be a willing accomplice in the murder of Gaddafi to cover up Sarkozy's crimes. So that little Fascist prick joined in quite heartily.

Saudi Arabia, Quatar and the corrupt emirates under the umbrella of Western Intelligence eagerly joined in the murder spree that was to ensue. NATO nations who resisted the US's criminal adventure in Libya were strong-armed into cooperating and a few NATO nations reluctantly caved into the threats and strong-arm tactics of the criminal US administration and halfheartedly joined in on the bombing and killing spree. 

Once the oligarchy's United Nations approves the no fly zone - it quickly becomes a losing situation for the target nation and target people - Once NATO commences the flyovers they don't simply prevent target nations planes from flying, instead they begin bombardment of target country's water supply, communication systems, bridges, hospitals, elementary schools, wedding parties, etc etc. Tens of thousands of innocent civilians get killed but the US media and their CIA handlers will of course refuse to report on or show images of the civilian deaths. (because that would be in poor taste they say)  

When it is no longer possible for the US mainstream media to ignore the massive casualties inflicted on innocent women and children (due to the unavoidable reality that streams of images of the civilian children with their bodies blown to pieces are being reported by non US based news networks and of course on the Internet) then and only then when the CIA can no longer keep the American people in the dark, their TV news networks will slip in a report here and there suggesting that there may be a few civilian casualties. And these reports typically will occur at 2 or 3 in the morning when no one is watching. 

In other words when you see the words NO FLY ZONE you can replace it with NATO BOMBARDMENT OF TARGET COUNTRY'S COMPLETE INFRASTRUCTURE. This is a perfect strategy for the Military contractors who plan on reaping dizzying fortunes cashing in on the lucrative "rebuilding contracts" that they always factor into their typical profiteering schemes that accompany all destabilization and takeover scams.


When you hear the phrase "Humanitarian Aid" you can replace it with the phrase "Terrorist attacks and illegal weapons smuggling into target nation" The term, "US humanitarian aid," is now a euphemism for covert CIA terrorist takeovers. In other words when the US starts calling to send in humanitarian aid to your oil rich or strategically located country - HEAD FOR THE HILLS (or better yet head for the bunkers). Because the humanitarian aid is just the cover operation, the real purpose of US humanitarian aid missions is to kill people not help them. The purpose of humanitarian aid is to place covert terrorist insurgents on the ground in the target country and to place CIA agents on the ground to direct them. Under the cover of humanitarian aid, the weapons, death machines, communications equipment, technology and Intelligence personnel are all smuggled in and utilized in the destabilization or takeover. 

9) UNITED NATIONS. The United Nations is a puppet organization of the ruling oligarchic class. It is a tool of the established oligarchy whose purpose is to consolidate the worlds resources into the hands of this power. 


People who get their information from the television have a taste for something they can see with their own eyes - it matters little to them if that thing they are seeing is completely a fictitious staged news story, they cannot tell the difference. Blurry grainy video fits this requirement perfectly. We live in the age of the death of proof. We know this because 911 was already proven beyond a shadow of doubt to be perpetrated by a shadowy rogue intelligence network yet when this proof is shown to people who believe in the TV version of international events, it has almost no effect. 

In other words people believe what they are told to believe by whatever authority figure owns the networks where the people get their news. Grainy, blurry video is sufficient for people who have had their critical capability blunted by years television viewership. When the CIA produced all the many fake Bin Ladin videos, the actors playing bin laden were so bad that unless the footage was extremely grainy and blurry, it would be much more simple for researchers to demonstrate the fakery in them. By blurring the video or using an old outdated poor quality camera there are much fewer details available to see the deception. 

Since video cameras are so advanced these days it is becoming much more difficult to get poor quality cameras in the hands of the people who produce these grainy videos so there are many software tools available to blur and obfuscate details from the high quality video produced by most cameras today, so that the fakery is much more difficult to detect. 

Ask yourself this, If Osama Bin Ladin was such a millionaire why then would all the cameras he used to present his views to the world be of such poor quality that you can barely make out the details of the images? Why always blurry and grainy?  This is because they are fake productions - It's not like high quality video cameras aren't available for purchase in every major city of the world - it's that the images MUST be grainy or else the deception can be detected.

11) CLAIM VICTORY. Whether or not actual victory has been achieved, claim it anyways. The idea here is that if you claim victory enough times, more and more people will be tricked into thinking they have been beaten and this might hasten their resignation to accept the new order imposed by the covert US aggressor. 

12) BLOCK ALL COMMUNICATIONS FROM TARGET NATION. Isolate target nation and cut off all outgoing communications so that the target nation cannot get their side of the story out. We see that the US routinely kills the satillite stations of target nation so that their voice cannot be heard. 

13) FAKE "MAN IN THE STREET" COMMENTARY. This is cheap, easy and extremely cost effective. It doesn't matter if the person is a criminal, paid informer or an agent - Americans are easily tricked and will have no idea that the commentary is really staged for the camera.

14) HAVE AN ANONYMOUS INTERNET FIGURE who's identity cannot be verified and appears to be within the country and put out very populist propaganda against target regime that seemingly is coming from, "the people," but in actuality originates in Chantilly Virginia or Langly Virginia (NSA and CIA) and originates from the many "public relations firms" such as Hill and Knowlton and Berson Marstellar who are paid subcontractors of the US CIA for the purpose of creating bogus news stories and bogus psychological operations to trick Americans who get their information from the TV and other mainstream sources. 


Quickly create what appears to be an thoroughly organized alternative government who is ready to take over the reigns of government when the CIA's people power revolution gets the green light and the dominos start falling. When the time is right, usually early on, announce the formation of this new government. Even go so far as to demonstrate fraudulent details such as the Benghazi rebel government long before the fall of Gaddafi, we see reports of the transitional government which has it all "so together" that they have announced that they are beginning garbage removal in their war torn capital - in lieu of their horrible regime who is too busy terrorizing their own civilians (who in fact are merely defending themselves against AlQaeda mercenaries brought in by the CIA to create terror) to pick up the rebel's garbage. This ridiculous scenario can only be accepted by a population who have already had the prerequisite critical capabilities decimated) This fraudulent story was given high marks by the clandestine services and will now be considered standard procedure to include such details in the media and military takeover, absorption or destruction of target countries. The story was entirely scripted and came off superbly - to trick unsuspecting television viewers into the hopes that the war they are supporting is going well and not in fact what it is, which is a situation with paid AlQaeda Mercenaries being shipped into the country to create chaos and randomly assassinate people to be blamed on the government, eventually leading to the destabilization of the government and it's absorption into the sphere of western imperialist influence. 


We now see the ubiquitous large scale instantly printed backdrops for the many staged and thoroughly phony press conferences. You know the ones that say things like "Mission Accomplished" and like the massive backdrops for the giant PR photo opportunities set up by the intelligence agencies for the various "rebel groups" covertly supported by the CIA via multiple proxies to avoid detection of the western fueled coup efforts. We saw the massive staged "Friends of Syria" farce complete with table dressing and large printed backdrops saying "Friends of Syria." Throw in a lot of uplifting words like, "towards a new future" or "change for a better tomorrow." It's important to use quality backdrops, and lighting and top notch production values for these staged conferences. It's all about production values for the media counterpart of the takeover effort of the target country. 

It's like taking candy from a baby, but in the process millions of innocent people throughout the world are either snuffed out or have their limbs blows off so that the US oligarchy can keep their grip on power. 


Know your Enemy


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