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The "Dead Bin Ladin" and the Death of the American Mind Featured

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Americans wanted to see the picture of the "Dead Bin Laden" 

But you couldn't tell this if you watched American Television. For seldom on American Television is any aspect of the "official" version of events surrounding the attacks of 911 ever put under the slightest critical scrutiny, which should in a normally functioning democracy be the purpose of the media, to be watchdogs and alert us to the threats that face us.

But in the American media at large the government released stories are not not put under the microscope of even a basic journalistic examination  - no critical examination whatsoever. It's as if, on the topic of anything that has to do with "The war on terror" and in particular the attacks on 911, the media relays these stories handed to them by the US Intelligence agencies, verbatim, without any questioning, investigation, verification or proof of any of what they are reporting to us. 

The many inconsistencies, that when critically examined are glaring inconsistencies, that have surfaced over the years on the internet are never even mentioned on the television networks. These inconsistencies regarding 911 that appear on the Internet strike so diametrically opposite to the officially released version that to a television viewer who has never seen nor heard any mention of these inconsistencies on the TV,  they seem quite outrageous indeed. Surely if this research on the Internet that is saying that 911 was an inside job had any shred of truth to it wouldn't the TV news at least mention it? 


The truth is out there and has been thoroughly exposed on the only such outlet that CAN report on such matters, the Internet. This is just a reality of the economics of information. Independent news services on the Internet are unencumbered by the ever present financial interests that have compromised the abilities of the major media to be free to point out these glaring inconsistencies - a very different version of what happened that day. But the documented and completely real facts of 911 never even get mentioned in the broadcasts of CNN or ABC or FOX, or CBS or NBC - Not one mention. 

Now when the media and government want to back up their flimsy stories they regularly utilize "The Internet" (that they at all other times ridicule for being "unreliable") so when they trot out another FAKE bin laden video, they go, "Oh it's definitely real, it was posted on Al Quaeda's website - see!" 

But then when there is this mountain of evidence and investigation, also appearing on the independent investigative news sites on the internet pointing out inconsistencies in the official story, the media goes, "Oh the Internet… don't believe everything you see on the internet!" 

So when it's convenient for them to prop up their very implausible scenarios and "official story" they immediately turn to the Internet to do so, but when research uncovering inconsistencies in the governments story, or worse, outright criminal involvement in the planning and execution of the attacks of 911, they do this flop flop, suddenly the Internet is back to being not a trustworthy source of information.

Now, any normal critical examination of the actual facts of that day cast the government's story under quite a lot of suspicion. But the Americans have been trained by forty years of televised lies to accept what they are told is official and not question it. And the television networks and the not merely the accomplices in this matter they are the facilitators of this deception. 

Whatever the American Intelligence establishment hands to the TV networks to transmit as "news." is literally retransmitted verbatim, with no examination, investigation or ever any serious inconsistencies pointed out. It's as if the assumption among the major television media networks is that the US intelligence establishment has never lied and so why question what they are telling us. 

But the odd thing here is that we know they have lied to us. Anyone familiar with history of the US CIA for example would know the admitted now very well documented history of covert assassinations, coup d'etats, and a chilling proximity to even the assassination of the beloved president Kennedy and many other leaders here at home. 

So the latest lie courtesy of the CIA and transmitted by their servants - the US television networks is that they captured and killed Bin Laden. No proof, no questions, not a shred of credibility to the story whatsoever. 

We're supposed to believe that America spent it's entire wealth and ten years of it's existence vilifying what the American government describes as the most evil man in the world, and had even gone so far as to claim that he wasn't even Islamic, he was simply a murderous terrorist thug. 

But now all of the sudden it's "Concern for the Sensibilities of Islamic Tradition," - we don't want to inflame the Islamic people. (No matter that we just spent ten years brutally slaughtering hundreds of thousands of them with not a single mercy or care for any tradition) But now we got him!... Soooo we're just going to have to quickly get rid of him at sea where none of this can be verified and all this suddenly to show "sensitivity to Islamic traditions"  - (that we just spent the past ten years bombing into the stone age) What a crock of shit! If you believe that, I've got bridge for sale here in brooklyn that you might be interested in. 



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